Join fourteen-year-old Sarah and her eleven-year-old brother Mattie as they journey one hundred years back in time. As they enter a magical cave Sarah, Mattie and their grandfather are mysteriously transported from Iceland in 2011. They arrive in New Iceland, near Gimli, Manitoba.

The year is 1911. While exploring, they meet a fourteen-year-old Cree boy named Willow Walker and his First Nations family.


Sarah, Mattie and Willow Walker stumble upon the CAVE OF JOURNEYS. This magical place records the chapters of humankind through picture writing. The three adventurers meet an ancient oak tree who recruits them to retrieve original stories of Canadian history.

Their whirlwind adventure in a flying canoe takes them to four locations. The youth rush to visit Elders entrusted to guard rock paintings at sites throughout the Canadian Shield. They have four days to accomplish their goal in a race against time.

Is this world, with oversized creatures, a flying canoe, wise Elders and a talking Tree real? Is Willow Walker real? Or is it all part of a world where legends abound?   


Join Sarah, Mattie and Willow Walker on their journey as they discover stories rich in the culture and traditions of Cree, Icelandic and Ojibwe people.


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