Stolen Spirits/Bird Of Paradise Drums Beating


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Multicultural; friends; Canadian history; famous women in history; Métis culture; ancient Egypt; legends; historical; Native Studies; relationships; feminism; Women’s Studies; mystery; fantasy; storytelling; racism


ISBN 13: 978-0986903335

ISBN 10: 0986903337

Bird of Paradise Drums Beating:


Kara has secrets. One of her secrets began in 69 B.C… 

How do the typical lives of eighteen-year old Brittany and her mother Amy mesh with a woman who claims she was Cleopatra, Nellie McClung, Pauline Johnson, Marie-Anne Lagimodière and other legendary women? Find out as Kara’s secrets are exposed through startling revelations.

From a Mayan peasant about to be sacrificed, to a famous singer afflicted by anorexia, and a queen paraded up the Nile on a state barge, to a princess bewitched by a handsome vampire in a forest, Brittany and Amy follow Kara through an ancient labyrinth of stunning proportion. 

As Kara channels the lives of famous women, Amy embraces her Métis culture. Brittany juggles a new love life and university assignments as she sifts through secret lives of Kara to record adventures of history and culture. 

Is this account laced with ancient wisdom real or an epic novel of fantasy and time travel?

Join Kara, Brittany and Amy as they discover dreams and reality are best layered with laughter, excitement and intrigue.

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Stolen Spirits:


Diane and Stacey like to wander the city in pursuit of excitement. They flirt with danger, meet new guys and accept rides from strangers. Harmless fun. Or so they think.

Marti Rose, international bestselling author and amateur crime solver, returns to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada to visit her family and present at a fundraiser. Upon arrival, the Chief of Police enlists Marti’s help to solve the murder of a fifteen-year old girl.

Marti questions potential suspects and friends of the victim, Diane. Through her involvement with groups focused on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Marti becomes involved in a second murder case.

As a mother and writer, Marti questions why teenage girls flirt with danger. Is there a deeper reason for the killings? Are girls being murdered because they’re Indigenous or are the murders unrelated? Why have the shadows of evil invaded the safe haven of suburbia?

Stolen Spirits, a contemporary Canadian young adult murder mystery with Indigenous characters and voices provides a unique twist on murder as it addresses the untroubled, reckless attitude of youth. Spirits, tricksters, ghosts and forces from beyond provide false hope, scattered clues and jumbled nightmares as Marti and the police rush to solve the murders before the killer, or killers, strike again. 

NOTE - As of May 2014, there were nearly 1200 documented cases (and the number rises every month) of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada.